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Certificate in Barbering

(Commencing in September)


In line with VTCT accreditation guidelines, The Fire Starter’s Barbering Education initial Certification in Barbering has 4 modules.

4 Modules:


  • Follow Health & safety practice in the salon
  • Client Consultation for hair services
  • Cut Men's Hair
  • Cut Facial Hair

Course Content


  • Health & safety;
  • Client Consultation;
  • Cutting Facial Hair;
  • Blending/Fading/Tapering;
  • Scissors over comb;
  • Basic Patterns; and
  • Practical Assessments.

Upon completion of this course, you will have developed your practical skills in the creative art of cutting men's hair and the specialist work of cutting facial hair; both critical to the craft of traditional barbering and exceptional client care. Luke and his team will provide top class instruction on health and safety practices, while also helping you to develop your own unique consultation style.

Other Courses

  • Individual private classes for all levels
  • Traditional Hot Towel Shaving
  • Advanced Barbering Level 3
  • Master Clippers
  • Barbering Seminars

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